Evergreen Recruitment


We work for our clients

Why choose Evergreen Recruitment

State of the art software

No more paper timesheets with online timesheets! Online client portal approval is set up for actual payment and billing. Bookings are made quickly and easily, eligible individuals are immediately matched. Trackers for compliance that are tailored to each client’s requirements.

Face-to-Face Interviews

Meeting candidates ensures that we are familiar with our employees, enables us to establish good relationships with them, and enables us to evaluate each applicant’s attitude, communication abilities, and presentation.


Experienced and dedicated consultants

No entry-level recruiters who are unfamiliar with hiring practices or your industry. We exclusively work with knowledgeable consultants that specialise in 360 recruitment and have a solid understanding of the industry from the get-go.


Right-to-work checks

Documents are copied, physically compared to the applicant and stored on our database. We have strong automated systems in place to track expiration dates.


Basic Numeracy and Literacy assessments

You can feel secure knowing that the staff you hire are capable of performing their duties.


24/7 booking service

You can reach our 24-hour mobile at any time, and a consultant who is familiar with your account will be able to assist you, utilising our transparent real-time availability system.


Standard driver’s licence check

We will provide these to the client as and when required.



We copy and store all relevant qualifications and certifications in our secure system including all required health and safety/training records.